Off to California

Lori’s flight leaves today around 11:20. She’s gone until Monday. The boys and I have a semi busy weekend with me in Carbondale tomorrow. The school play is tonight and both boys want to stay. I made it down and up yesterday in pretty good time despite the snowy roads. It’s spitting outside right now but not too bad.

Robi had a fun trip but from her comment yesterday but I guess Merriman’s was terrible. That’s surprising but we just cancelled our reservation as it’s too expensive to chance it. Hope the rest of the trip was fun. We’re super excited about her moving into her new house. Tommy showed us pictures, beautiful!

Hard to believe it’s November 2nd. It’ll be December before we know it. I have some Halloween pictures but will post them tomorrow as I need to take the dogs up the hill. Harley had an accident in the kitchen yesterday while I was making dinner so we had to have the carpet cleaners come. It was obviously something she ate, ugh. She’s still a puppy and eats just about anything. Oh well, the stairs (up and down) needed cleaning anyhow.

Time to go. Hope all’s well, take care, be safe and God Bless.

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  1. Robi says:

    I was kinda hoping you were going to Merriman’s to see if we just hit an off night but I’m with ya about being expensive. Again, we knew how pricey it was gonna be but it was a special occasion. Trip was great, big big waves even at Napili which I guess they consider a bay. Apparently there was a Northwestern swill and all the employees said they have never seen the water like that. Robert who thinks he is a divemaster sprained his neck! Water was real warm and way fun but the problem for me was that the waves came in and then sucked ya right back out making it difficult to get out with your suit still on – lol. Have a great time, hard not too in Hawaii. Yes, thank you we are packing and so excited to move.

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