Here we go, November, wow! Hope everyone had a great Halloween, the boys sure did. For Lori and I it was pretty much just another day. More of the same today but Lori will have a little more work with her leaving tomorrow. It’s snowing up here right now but should clear up by tomorrow. They say maybe a bit more Monday when she flies home.

I’m meeting a girl who works for me in Colorado Springs at the distributor around 9:30 this morning. I hope to be back by noon. Both boys are not moving at all. They made it home about 11 pm and I’m sure are tired. We need to leave in about an hour, wish us luck.

The boys need to get Uncle Tom their Christmas wish list as he’s an early bird. I’m sure his tree is going up soon! We need to ship Robi’s birthday present to her now that she’s home. Time to get everyone moving so that’s it. Hope everyone is safe and well. I have a roast I’m cooking today. Lori says I don’t know how to cook a roast, so game on. God Bless.

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  1. Robi says:

    Hey there, just fyi if you are sending something remember I am moving in about 2 weeks. Also Doug, wanted to tell you Merriman’s was awful! Employees running around like they didn’t have a clue. When we arrived there were 2 hostesses and didn’t even look up to acknowledge us or the several people behind us. After finally checking in we went to the bar and a dude with neck tats said “want something to drink”, I asked about the Simcic and he said we don’t have that. Robert ordered us some wine and the dude came back and said “we might have it in a bottle if you want to look thru hundreds of pages of wine.” I declined. When we were showed our table, it was the worst one in the house, right in front of kitchen and so far back that we did not have a view at all. Next, when I sat down I almost broke myself cause there was a puddle of some sort of oil under my seat. I showed the busboy and he said he would need to find someone to access the situation. So there I sat with my feet in the air. Another man came and said oh my and preceded to wipe it up with a wash cloth. The oil was on the bottom of my sandal and the guy was holding my foot up by my big toe wiping off my shoe lol! Our server was sweet and good but the food was ok at best. I had kinda planned on what I was having by looking at the menu online. They had none of it that night which was fine cause I get menus change. So, I ordered the $58.00 10oz rib eye that was like an end piece and not even trimmed. Robert ordered the scallops and jalapeno mashed. He got a schmear of potatoes and the presentation of his scallops was a sloppy mess. We knew the place was expensive so not complaining about that but did expect much better. My creme brulee (cant spell) was delish but $700.00 dollars later we were disappointed! We did have fun tho and had a great trip! Love to all

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