In Cali

Well, Lori’s in California, hopefully having fun. Around here it’s business as usual. The boys were at school until late last night around 9 as they stayed for the school play. It was a dark one as most of the Upper School plays seem to be. Today I’m off to Carbondale for a Sprizzeri tasting from 12 until 3. Danika from Lori’s office, along with her boyfriend are pouring for me but I’m stopping by anyhow.

Here’s a comment from Robi,

Robi says:

I was kinda hoping you were going to Merriman’s to see if we just hit an off night but I’m with ya about being expensive. Again, we knew how pricey it was gonna be but it was a special occasion. Trip was great, big big waves even at Napili which I guess they consider a bay. Apparently there was a Northwestern swill and all the employees said they have never seen the water like that. Robert who thinks he is a divemaster sprained his neck! Water was real warm and way fun but the problem for me was that the waves came in and then sucked ya right back out making it difficult to get out with your suit still on – lol. Have a great time, hard not too in Hawaii. Yes, thank you we are packing and so excited to move.

Glad they had fun and hope Robert’s neck is ok. If not, he’ll need to get up here and see Lori. It’s snowing a little bit outside but nothing too bad. I still haven’t had to break out the shovel yet this season.

Both boys have school work today and hopefully they’ll get it done. Tomorrow we’re staying home and getting ready for the week. Then Monday am I’m off to Denver to get Lori. Here’s a Halloween picture. Jag was a rock star, Ty was a Russian and Lori was the Queen Bee. Her team won the office contest, whoo hoo! Have a great day and God Bless.

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