Happy Halloween

It’s Halloween! Big day at school for the boys and 2 weeks from today we head off to Hawaii. Last night the boys and their friends hit Minturn in the sleet and snow. Jag dressed up as a rock star complete with makeup and all. Don’t tell him but Lori said he looks good in makeup, ha. Ty meanwhile, with a bunch of friends, was a Russian, complete with fur hat and all. After and hour or so in the snow, they all came back to the house. Emma who was with Jag, was the girl from Clueless (the movie) and she had to be freezing in her skirt. Today they’re all off to school dressed up again. We’ll try to get some pictures for tomorrow.

I’m off to Longmont today and Denver tomorrow. Lori is back at work and she’s dressing up as a Queen Bee and her nurses are bee’s while the doctor is going as a beekeeper. The clinic has a contest every year so the teams go all out. I’m just going as a cool older guy which I pretty much do everyday, ha.

I need to get moving so that’s it. Take some pictures of what’s going on in your neighborhood and text them to me and I’ll post them. Have a great day, November tomorrow! Christmas music starts 24/7 on the radio! God Bless.

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