Conferences and the flu

This morning we have Jag’s conferences at school at 7:50. Should be about 15 minutes long and we’ll just sit there and listen to them all praise him. Pretty boring huh. Both boys are then off for the day as the teachers have conferences all day long. Lori came home yesterday with something like the flu although she won’t admit it. The doctor gave her an antibiotic and sent her home and she was in bed by 3. She’s going to work today even though she should probably stay home.

No snow up here, it’s not that cold either. Must be a front range thing. Tom called me on yesterday’s post about slowing down as the second paragraph was all about all I had to do, ha. I didn’t read a book yesterday but I did read a couple of magazines.

Halloween is tomorrow and then Friday Lori goes to see her Mom (if she’s not still sick) and then Saturday I’m in Carbondale for an event, Sunday we have the football game (trying to decide whether or not to go) and Monday I need to go pick Lori up! How’s that for slowing down!

At least a week from today the political ads stop. Thank God. They should make a rule where you can only talk about your accomplishments and what you’d do rather than make stuff up about your opponent. The more a candidate bashes his opponent instead of telling us what they’d do, the less I trust them. We have a guy running for Gov that abused a woman who had to file a restraining order, then changed his name to hide from it, then got rich starting an E-card company with his parents and then filed for bankruptcy stiffing all his employees and he’ll probably win, ugh. We also have all the Dems blaming Trump for the awful shooting in Pittsburg. Unbelievable. Do they not know Trump’s daughter, son in law and grandkids are Jewish? No one blamed Obama for shootings when he was President or Bernie Sanders when his supporter shot up the Republican baseball game and  a congressmen. What a double standard. They make me sick. The Dems will probably win the house according to history and then we’ll have 2 years of Nancy Pelosi wasting time and money trying to impeach Trump. How’d that Russian collusion thing turn out? Turns out there was none but that doesn’t stop the Dems. What a disgrace. I’ll stop now.

That’s it, have a great day and God Bless.

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