Take time……

Time to slow down. Take a big breath, take a break, and just slow down. You’re not going to miss out on anything. In fact, you’ll probably take in more. Take time to notice the weather, your surroundings, where you live, the sky and more. We go through life so fast that we end up missing so much. When was the last time you just did nothing? I think to myself, today I’m going to take some time to read this book and then of course something comes up. The one thing that’s for sure, time doesn’t stop. So do something special or unexpected with your family and better yet, for yourself. Take a walk somewhere you’ve never been, learn a language or how to play an instrument, go fishing or to the theater or a museum, just do something you’ve never done, and make it a habit.

Well here we go, another week or hustle and bustle. Two weeks from Wednesday we’re off to Maui where I can promise you, we will relax and do some things we’ve never done. Before then though we have lots of work to get done. Both boys have extra work to do to finish up for the 3 days they’ll miss and Lori and I both have big weeks as usual.

Today I need to run down to Fed Ex and then get have a few conference calls. Lori of course has a busy day. It seems every day for her is a busy day. I keep telling her that her work will still be there tomorrow. Of course with people having surgeries, there are some things that actually can’t wait.

Jag is kicking a cold and Lori had the chills last night and didn’t feel well. I’m waiting for her to come down to see how she’s doing this morning. Halloween is Wednesday and we’re not sure what the boys have planned. I’m sure we’ll be running kids here and there. I did get the kitchen and living room cleaned during the Bronco game. Now today I need to tackle our room and the garage, again. Have a great day, God Bless.

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