A day of rest

Sunday, the day of rest. Hope it turns out that way. We made it to Denver and back after failing to find a white outfit for Lori but we did see Uncle Tom and Aunt Ali. They were fine and had Ali’s niece and husband visiting, meanwhile Ty was supposed to have cleaned his room, Supposed is the operative word here. It didn’t get done and now he has no phone. He has a lot of work to do around here before he’ll get it back.

The Colorado Buffalo’s suffered an epic loss yesterday but we’re hoping for better from the Bronco’s today. I’m so sick of political ads, we were talking that there should be a way to opt out after we’ve turned in our ballots. One candidate has even resorted to using his kids in a commercial against the President. This to me is amazing. You’re taking 5 and 6 year old kids and having them say bad things about Trump? Say what you will but this is not right and should be considered child abuse or indoctrination as the kids are too young to form their own opinions. It reminds me of the Hitler Youth. Good news is it’ll all be over in about 9 days.

Another shooting in Denver, surprise surprise. The big city in some spots is pretty dangerous these days. Look at the shooting in Pittsburg yesterday, the Dems are bummed that the shooter was not a fan of Trumps. Can’t bash him for this one. Have a great day, be safe and God Bless.

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