Friday, yea!!!!

Thank God it’s Friday, really! It’s been a long week for all of us. The weather is getting nice and the weekend looks good. We’ll have to get outside as snow is coming on Halloween.

Yesterday went well with the girls from Germany. They were thrilled to be here as neither had been to the U.S. except for New York. They were in Los Angeles right before coming here but didn’t much like California. I took them to Boulder and then around Denver and then we had lunch before I turned them loose for the rest of the day and evening. We all learned a lot and strategized on how best to position the product in the market. It was a good visit.

Today we’ll all wind down the week. I think we’re in Aspen tomorrow as I need to go to a store in Carbondale and drop some promotional materials. Maybe we can squeeze in a hike.

We’re heading to Hawaii for Thanksgiving and will spend it with our friends James, Francesca and their family. Of course they have a huge house on the beach and we always have fun with them. The kids all have fun together too. It’ll be good to get a week or so oin the sun before winter kicks in full force.

Work is going well with lots of high level stuff going on. Too detailed to get into it but things are scaling rapidly. Time to run, hope all’s well, have a good last weekend of October. 60 days from yesterday is Christmas, wow. God Bless.

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