Market Survey

This morning I’m picking up two marketing girls from Germany by the airport and spending the day visiting stores. They’re from one of our partners that make our new spritzers in cans. We’re heading to Boulder and then working our way back until we get to about 29th and Larimer for lunch around 2 this afternoon. Then I’ll leave them on their own and tomorrow they fly back to Germany. They came from California last night.

Lori is off early again before 6 am. I’ll drop both boys by 7:40 as Ty hasĀ  makeup test at 7:45. Jag sees the concussion doc this afternoon to hopefully get cleared to go back to sports. After school yesterday at 4:30 we headed over to the Four Seasons Hotel so Ty and I could get haircuts. We then hung out and had some food in the bar before heading home.

We’re working away on our house. It’s been over 3 years since we started and we’re finally getting close to breaking ground. We’ve worked hard to get this far and now it’s finally getting close to happening. The inside is really cool and it took a lot to get the design where we wanted it. More to come but here’s a teaser picture to give you an idea of what it’ll look like. It’s hard to see but there’s even a really cool huge indoor outdoor dog run on one side of the house. The lot is a little over an acre and the backside of the house is incredible with views up a mountain valley full of aspen trees.

I should be home hopefully by 6 and Lori and the boys by 4;30. It’s nice up here but supposed to snow on Halloween! The kids will need to dress warm! God Bless.

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