A little rain

It’s sprinkling outside a bit. Not a downpour by any means but some good moisture. I took Mojo out last night when it was dark and he immediately sensed something up on the mountain. I turned on the flashlight as I always take one when it’s dark, and sure enough there were about half a dozen deer not far up the hill. Their eyes were shining in the light and as they do, they froze. He was on them from the beginning.

Both boys stayed at school until 6. Lori’s court reporter didn’t show up yesterday morning at 6 so they all had to wait for her until about 8. It made for a long day, 5:40 am until 5:30 pm yesterday.

Lori is off today and headed to the gym while I run down to Denver for a breakfast meeting. This afternoon I’ll be in Carbondale so lots of driving for me today. We also need to leave early as Jag has to bring breakfast this morning. Time to go, hope all’s well, GB.

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