What a shame

Not sure who watched the hearings on tv yesterday but it was a sad commentary on our elected officials and supposed representatives. Any honest observer would agree that the Dems were an embarrassment to the World. In what Country do we live in where now someone is guilty just by an acquisition? Well according to the Dems, this Country. The Republicans treated the woman with respect and went out of their way to accommodate her every wish, even at the detriment of being able to really get to any facts, yet the Dems attacked and attempted to destroy a good man based on some hear say from 36 years ago when he was in High School. The woman was credible and I believe she probably was abused in some fashion when she was 15 years old but I also believe it was not by this man. Yet the Dems, so desperate to keep him off the bench, said and did everything they could to try to stop him, regardless of whether they had to lie. Sad, very sad. As Obama said, elections have consequences.

Jag was at soccer past Rifle until 9:30 and scored in his game! Figures he’d be 120 miles away and we’d miss it. Ty did homework and Lori and I worked as usual. We have more soccer tomorrow and it’s supposed to be a nice Fall weekend. Homecoming is a week from tomorrow and Monday is October 1st, hard to believe. That means there’s like 92 days left in the year. Hope everyone is well, have a good weekend and God Bless.

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