It’s a coming

Weather that is, it’s on the way. But right now it’s 7 am and Jag wants to leave in 15 minutes. Lori is back at work and Jag has a soccer game this afternoon in Coal Ridge down by Glenwood Springs. Also today the circus starts on tv surrounding the Supreme Court. We’re watching the sports channel as we have zero interest in participating in the bullshit the dems are pushing to stop someone they don’t want. It’s so sad what some politicians will do all in the name of getting what they want. As Obama said, elections have consequences unless of course your a democrat and you lost, ha.

Lori and I shopped a bit in Denver yesterday and she bought a shirt and a dress. She needs some new winter clothes but we just didn’t find anything. Maybe on the weekend we can find something for her. We picked up Ty a new pair of shoes and a shirt and have a pair of pants being sent for Homecoming. Jag has clothes so he’s all set.

Guess I’ll run so we can get the boys moving. Need to slam our coffee and shower and get out the door. God Bless.

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