Throw away your tv!

Ok, turns out almost everything you see on tv, except for sports and movies, has a hidden agenda. Even your favorite sitcoms have political bias weaved into them to push the creators ideals. There’s no telling if anything you see is true or not, yet the majority of our gullible, uneducated society thinks, if it’s on tv, it must be true. You need to understand that this is just not so. Wake the hell up and think for yourself. Propaganda is everywhere and almost everything you see has a purpose to either sell you something or make you think a certain way. Television is fine for entertainment but when it shapes who you are, you’re in big trouble. Turns out Americans watch about 3 times more tv than any other country on the planet. That’s why our Country is fat, lazy and our kids now rank in the 20’s education wise, and that IS true!

Let’s move on to the day. Jag had soccer until 6 last night and does again this evening. Lori is off today and we’re going shopping to get her some new winter clothes. Ty is doing well and I, well I’m trying to close the month. It’s warmer this morning than yesterday and will warm up a bit over the next couple days. There is a dusting of snow on the high peaks and soon it’ll be winter.

it’s 6:21 now so time to get going. Hope everyone is well, keep your powder dry and watch your top knot, GB.

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