First frost

Last night, September 24th, was our first frost of the season. The windshields are iced over and the ground is slippery. This is fitting as I think yesterday was also the first day of Fall. Wonder if they’ll be snow on the Pass.

Jagger had his cast removed yesterday and is now in a brace. He also had braces put on his upper teeth in the morning. Homecoming is a week from Saturday so we need to probably go to Denver this weekend to get Ty some clothes. I think both boys are taking dates.

Lori’s doctor leaves today for California for a week of training at some conference. They still have lots of work to do scheduling surgeries. Time to get moving so I can get the boys moving and get Harley to doggie daycare.

Before I go I just have to say how much I am embarrassed for our political leaders, especially on the Democratic side. In this whole Supreme Court thing it now seems, according to the Dems, that you are no longer innocent until proven guilty but rather guilty by accusation. You have Dem Senators throwing this good man under the bus with no proof whatsoever from a couple 0f accusers that themselves say they can’t remember for sure what happened, where it happened, or who was there. Yet Dems are so desperate to stop this Judge from being confirmed that they will say and do anything to stop him. Protests by paid protesters are staged for cameras and lawyers that are Democratic operatives are talking women into saying things, by their own admission, that they don’t recall happening. What a sham this process has become. Good people just won’t run for office as why would anyone subject themselves to this? Mark my words, these Dems will go down in history are embarrassments to their party, themselves and our Country. I honestly can’t believe any Senator would resort to lying to get what they want. It’s a sad sad day for democracy. God Bless and help us.

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