Cool Saturday

Today Jag is off at 8 am to meet his buddy’s for breakfast before soccer at 11. They play two games (I think) so it’ll go until 2 or 3 this afternoon. Tonight there’s a girls volleyball game at Battle Mountain both boys want to go to. We heard through Ty that Jag asked Emaa to go to Homecoming and Ty is still undecided as if he’s asking anyone. It’s next Saturday.

Lori and I might run over to Aspen today. Not sure yet. It’s cool out this morning and nice. She came home from work early yesterday as she’s had a bad stomach since all the girls went to lunch Thursday. Must have been some onions in something. We decided to go to the gym as neither of us had been all week which is unusual for us. We’re stopping workouts with our trainer as he’s just too expensive. We might even switch gyms and go back to the one near our house where all the ski kids workout. It’s way cheaper.

Marty stopped by and picked up his cooler yesterday which has been in my garage since we drove over to Montrose to pick up our elk. It’s huge and was taking up a ton of space! October 1st is Monday, wow! Soon it’ll be Halloween and then non stop until 2019. Tom should be getting out his Christmas stuff any day now. Not sure what we’re doing for Christmas as I think Tom and Ali might be headed to Seattle where her parents are moving. We’ll either stay in Vail or get on a plane to somewhere hopefully warm.

Time to get moving, have a great weekend and God Bless, and go Rockies! (we’re in the playoffs)

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