Barking at herself

It’s 6 am and Harley just let out a big bark. Turns out she’s barking at her own shadow in the mirror, too funny. She’s barks at just about anything or anyone outside of the family. I’m ok with that. Last night Lori made it home after 8 as she had a deposition with Dr. C. I was in Ft. Collins and today will be in Lakewood. Hopefully I’ll be back early.

Ty wants to go camping this weekend but we need to meet the parents first. I’m headed to the Bronco Raider game on Sunday with Josh who is flying in from Seattle. My buddy Matt brought me a bushel of green chilis from Hatch New Mexico yesterday so I spent a few hours cleaning and freezing green chilis before giving some away to a couple neighbors. A bushel is a lot of green chilis, 22 pounds to be exact.

Hard to believe Monday is September 17th. Soon it’ll be Halloween and Tom will have his tree up! Guess I’ll get moving as Ty wants to go to school at 7. Jag is on the Junior Class overnight trip so he’ll be home this afternoon. Both boys need to clean their rooms this weekend. Here;s a picture of my elk and some of the colors which are changing. Take care and God Bless.

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  1. robi says:

    WOW Doug that is amazing! Congrats!

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