And what day is it?

These days everything is a blur. The days go so fast they seem to blend into each other. I was in Colorado Springs yesterday and will be close to Ft. Collins today. Then I think tomorrow I think I have just a quick run to Denver which will seem like a short drive. It’s clinic day for Lori and Jag leaves for the Junior Class overnight trip this morning. Ty was up until 2 am doing homework and kept Lori up too. Obviously she’s tired this morning.

It’s a little after 6 now and I’m already running late. I need to drop Harley this morning at 7:15 before taking the boys to school. On my way to Ft. Collins I need to drop some wine to my buddy who is getting married next weekend. He’s having his party (the wedding is small the night before) in Loveland on the 22nd. He really wants us to come but it’s just too far to go as Lori can’t ride that long in a car.

We need to make sure Jag is packed and get him some food before he goes. Last night we all went to sushi and had a fun dinner. That’s it, time to go, watch your top knot (remember that?) and have a great day. God Bless.

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