Early Saturday

Ok, the one day we get to sleep in, our new neighbor who is remodeling the unit next door so he can move in, started working at 6:45 am! I know him but had to get out of bed and tell him to knock it off. He’s a nice guy and said he’d try to be as quiet as possible and I told him, “you’re not hearing me, lay off for an hour”. He got the message. I suppose it doesn’t really matter as by then we were already up! Ugh.

Ty is going camping today on the Upper Colorado River and I’m trying to kick his cold which came on full force last night. I have the Broncos game tomorrow so I pulled out a Z-Pak and started it last night. Hopefully I’ll be better by tomorrow as my throat is pretty sore today.  Tom and Ali have the crud too. Hope they’re kicking it.

Thanks for the comment Robi, I can’t put into words how much hunting means to me. It’s more just being out in the woods as it’s an escape from the crazy World we live in. No news on tv, traffic, stupid people, etc.  I’ll only hunt animals we’ll eat. Last night we had a ruckus outside as a bear was throwing our trash can around. I had to drag it up from down the hill where it had drug it. Thankfully the trash cans are all bear proof. I still need to post Ty’s picture of the bear he saw last week. They’ll be settling down soon as Fall is here in 5 or 6 days and then Winter is close behind.

Time to get Ty moving as he has to finish cleaning his room if he’s going camping. Have a great day and God Bless.

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