Headed to Wyoming

In about 45 minutes, if not sooner, I’m off to Wyoming. I need to go up there to handle some details on the ranch. This is a big deal and thankfully I managed to get in touch with the people I needed to so we can keep things moving. I hope to be there by 10 am and if lucky, home by 2.

Yesterday Ty worked and Jag had soccer. Jag is sick and congested with that deep cough so not sure if he’ll make it today or not. I just heard him cough downstairs and it didn’t sound good. Both boys received their first paychecks. Ty had like $200 taken out for taxes as they listed $500 in tips for him while Jag only had $100 removed and zero tips listed even though he too earned a bunch. We’ll have to talk to the lady who processes payroll. Anyhow both boys have about $800 they’re putting away and saving by giving to us to hold.

Ty and I drove to Glenwood to get my truck back in the morning. Good to have it back as I didn’t want to drive the little economy car anymore. Time to get moving, have a great day, GB.

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