We’re up early, again, Lori worked late, again and we have the refrigerator repairman coming today which is going to cost us some more money we didn’t plan on spending, again.

Both boys were sick yesterday and stayed home from work. and soccer. As I said, Lori was home after 9 as she and her doc had a deposition after work. I did make it to Wyoming by about 9:45 and then hung out with our friend Bruce for a little over an hour catching up. He’s a pretty amazing guy that started out much like Ty busing tables at 15. Now though we call him the 6 Billion Dollar Man, after the old tv show. They are over the top wealthy who own over 300 marriotts, Westins, and other hotels.  He officially moved from their penthouse (above Oprah) in Chicago and is now a full time Wyoming resident. He told me yesterday that even with all the security in their building in Chicago, two tenants have been attacked and mugged. he said it’s just not safe to be there at all anymore. He has accumulated over 50,000 acres on his ranch in Wyoming and just built a huge home down on the river. He and his wife are really down to earth good people and it was good to catch up with him.

I made it back home by about 3 after a stop at Middle Park Meats in Kremmling. That was always one of Mom’s favorite places to stop and we always would on our way back from the ranch. It’s one of those old time places that was common 40 or 50 years ago. It’s changed hands a few times since Mom was there but is still the same. I bought some bacon, apple pork chops, salami and a few other things. I think I pulled in and stopped there just cause Mom always would, ha.

I’m in Denver tomorrow and then working up here Friday. I think we might go take Mom and Dad’s ashes up to the ranch this weekend as we’re running out of time before it is sold. Dad always wanted to be up there and of course Mom has to go where dad goes. More on that to come. Hope everyone is well, school starts in a couple weeks and then it’s all downhill until Christmas. Hard to believe summer is almost gone. God Bless.

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