Harley home

Jag and I went to Denver yesterday and made it back up in time to pick Harley up around 3 or so. She was excited to say the least. You can’t tell she had surgery as she’s bouncing around like her usual self. We still need to try to keep her calm and not jumping (good luck with that) so her internal stitches don’t tear. Everyone is glad she’s home.

Ty is having fun at camp, so we think, from the pictures. Lori is working away and Jagger is back at the research institute today where I think they’re testing a knee joint in some way. I’m feeling a little better and so is Lori. They both need to leave at 7:30.

Lori’s car is getting some work done tomorrow and I think she’s taking the day off so we’ll be in Denver. That’s about it. The President did announce his pick for Supreme Court Justice. The dems have vowed to stop it no matter what but if I were their leader, I’d think twice as Judge Kavanaugh is about the most liberal of the four he was picking from. If they somehow (which is very unlikely) stop the confirmation, the next man, or woman up, is much more conservative. So game on, get ready for the mudslinging by the dems. By the way, this guy feeds the homeless weekly, coaches his girls basketball team for the past 7 years, was appointed as a professor at Harvard by Elena Keagen (Obama’s pick to the court), written over 300 opinions of which many have become law of the land and more. Hard to find something wrong with him other than he’s not an activist liberal judge. No matter, the dems will make something up, my my words. To put it in perspective, they opposed him before they knew who he was, nice.

Have a great day, God Bless

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