Doing better

This morning Lori and I are both doing better, a bit. I stuck to bananas, rice and toast yesterday and skipped my daily caffeine intake. Our stomachs are churning a bit but nothing like yesterday. To top it off, we found some ants in the garage this morning. Thankfully I had just cleaned it as there was dog food all over the floor from the boys spilling it when they’d feed the dogs. I think I got them all but there’s a lot of stuff in the garage.

Harley comes home today, yea! Jag wants to go to Denver but I have some work to do on some things, so we’ll see. Today we find out who the next Supreme Court Justice will be. It’s great that Trump gets to nominate him or her. After all, Obama put in the last two. Right now you have the dems saying no one is acceptable when they don’t even know the nominee. How’s that for obstructing? Oh well, as Obama said, “elections have consequences”, how ironic.

Time to get moving, hope everyone is well, have a great day and week, GB.

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