Still ill

Man we must have e coli or something as we’re both still ill. I thought I was getting better yesterday and then ate some enchiladas which apparently was a big mistake. Hopefully in the next day or two we’ll kick this bug. Today Lori says we’re on bananas, rice and bread which for me probably means just bananas.

Yesterday we did make it to the gym, tried to find a couch and then hung out at home. Jag was gone from about 1 until 5 at Nicoles. Hopefully Ty is having fun. We saw some pictures and it sure looked like he was!

The weather up here is perfect, in the mid 80’s. The smoke isn’t bad either as the sky is a bright blue right now at 9 am. We were going to go to Denver to look for a cheap sofa but with my stomach, we’ll postpone today.

That’s it, July 8th, wow. Harley comes home tomorrow, whoo hoo, God Bless.

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