Let’s go to Vegas, 7/11! Just kidding of course, we’re not big Vegas fans, but it has changed a lot. The best thing about Vegas these days is the food.

Today Lori and I are off to Denver. I have some work to do today while driving, mostly all on the phone. Tom and I are continuing to work on Mom’s estate, me mostly on the ranch and Tom on everything else. We are stopping by the house today to make one last pass through the stuff remaining to see what we want, if anything. James finally got the ditch running and is supposed to have all three of his cars out of there by tomorrow at the latest. It looked like a used car lot with his junky cars all there. Hopefully then we can get the place listed and sold. It’s been a huge job. Mom’s remaining clothes will go to Cherry Creek this week too. We still miss her as I know everyone does. So sad.

We’re feeling better, all three of us, Lori, Harley and I. Jag worked at the hospital yesterday and was drilling on a human hip for something, wow. I guess they have a new specimen flying in Friday which is a whole leg from the hip to the toes that they’re doing something with. Quite the job at 16, working with human cadavers. They’re doing a bunch of tests and procedures to come up with new ways to make things better for people. That’s why they’re the best in the Country.

Lori is going to the gym. I told her she looks great and doesn’t need to go but she goes for her head and her spine. Looks like cooler weather is coming. We had good rain yesterday and it’s nice and cool this morning outside. We have the door open now and there’s a nice breeze coming in from the deck. I talked with Dixie yesterday who is doing fine. She’d been tired for a few days but is now feeling better which is good news. Looks like we got all the ants in the garage we found the other day. Not sure where they came from but knock on wood that they’re gone for good.

Time to run, we’re leaving a bit after 8 so Lori can get her hair colored. Have a great day, God Bless.

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