Starting work today

Jag is headed out with Lori to the hospital today to start work at SPRI, the Steadman Phillipon Research Institute. This is a big big deal as researchers and doctors from all over the World vie to get in there. They have such advanced equipment that few other places can claim to be as advanced. Hopefully he enjoys it. He’ll go with Lori and be there at 9 am.

Meanwhile Harley goes in to get “fixed” today. She’ll stay at the vet until Monday so she doesn’t jump and rip her stitches out over the weekend. She can’t have any food this morning so we’re not feeding either dog until she goes at 8. They’re both looking at me like what the heck is going on.

Lori and Jag drove around practicing driving for 3 hours last night. He drove up towards Leadville and then even over the pass to Copper Mountain. A car that passed them going up the pass, had hit a deer a half a mile up the road which they saw when they caught up to them. Lots of deer up here, especially at dusk when they’re coming down from the hills to the river for water.

I have a few calls today and need to get a few emails out and also have some computer work. Hope Ty is having fun. He’s on the last day (and night) of his backpacking trip down by Crested Butte. Hopefully the smoke is not too bad. Tomorrow is Aunt Ali’s birthday, whoo hoo! Get ready! God Bless.

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