Ugh, tough day

The day started out ok enough with us going to the gym, (although hotel gyms are always lame) and then hitting the pool. We stayed out there from 10 until 12 which was about an hour too much as I’m beet red today. Then we strolled into Cherry Creek for some lunch which was where it all went south. We went to a restaurant called North and sat at the bar and ordered salads. They weren’t very good and we didn’t even finish but as soon as we left we both had stomach aches and knew we made a big mistake. We walked through the mall and bought some socks for about $20 and headed back to get ready for the party.

By 4 we were at the party which was fun. It was good to see lots of friends from all over including as far away as Florida. Finally at 7 we headed out. On the way back to the hotel, knowing we wouldn’t see any fireworks anyhow, we decided to pack up and head home as Lori had to be at the hospital at 8 this morning. We packed in about 3 minutes, literally (we’re good at that) and were on the road by 7:20. An hour and 40 minutes later we were home. As soon as we walked in Jag called and asked if we could pick him up at Nicole’s. Having never met her, even though we know who she is, we jumped at the chance. When we made it to her house, Lori went up to the door and met her. She’s a really cute girl and nice. I stayed in the car as to not make it too wierd. She and Jag had went to Elways for dinner and he had his sport coat and a nice shirt with him on a hanger. What a good kid!

Fires are everywhere up here and Lori and I are eating like little to nothing today, me for sure. I think I’m calling the health department and reporting them for food poisoning, ugh. That’s it, time to go, have a great day and GB. Pictures tomorrow.

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