Happy 4th!

Independence Day, hamburgers, hotdogs, baseball and apple pie. That of course is what most people will be doing today, with a few tweaks here and there. Of course the real meaning of the day goes back to 1776 when we gained our independence from the British and became a Country. It’s pretty sad as I was watching tv and they had a tv reporter on the street asking people about the meaning of July 4th and the majority couldn’t tell you the significance of the day. Some said it was the day we kicked out Mexico while others said it was the Japanese. One 20 something said it was the day World War II ended. I don’t know what’s happened to our education system these days. Maybe it’s the kids that just don’t pay attention. One things for sure, our boys know the meaning of the day. God help and bless us.

I made it to Denver around noon and had a few stops before checking in to our hotel. They upgraded us to a Junior Suite so I dropped my bags and soon it was time to go get Lori at the airport. Around 4:40 I picked her up and then it took us like an hour to go the 17 miles back to Cherry Creek. She was starving so we went downstairs to a great italian restaurant that had some of our wines on the list and had dinner. It was really good but too much food for us both. Upstairs we went to our room to hang out and fall asleep.

Today we’re hitting the gym and then the rooftop pool before going to Jeff and Tina’s for their big party. It starts around 3 or so but not sure when we’ll show up. It’s literally about 2 miles from here. We’re staying here again tonight so maybe we’ll make it back and head to the roof in time to watch fireworks. It is supposed to rain tonight though so we’ll see. Normally we’re in Aspen for the 4th so this is a nice switch. Time to run, Happy 4th. Do something special today that our freedom allows you to do, just because you can!

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