5:30, ugh

One of these days, or maybe years, I’ll get to sleep in. Everyone else in the family is except for me and the dogs. Today I’m off to Big D and then the boys have a game at 6 pm tonight.  I think Ty is going with me. They had practice last night and then Ty and Sonny went to the movies to see Jurassic World. Both boys are making huge improvements at basketball but Jag is becoming a real force on the court. He scored about 65% of his teams points in the scrimmage. Ty too looks like a different player. He’s just two years behind Jag.

Lori just came down. We both feel like we were hit by a truck. Must be allergies or something. Oh wait, we had sushi last night so it’s probably the soy sauce. Food is such a drug. Most people don’t realize it but everything we eat has a different impact on our bodies.

Ty and I went to see my buddy yesterday who owns a climbing store to get him some new hiking boots and a few pieces of other assorted gear for his trip coming up this Sunday. He’ll be gone for 2 weeks. For 5 days during the 2 weeks he’ll be on a backcountry backpacking trip. Camp’s not cheap but it’s a great thing for him. It’s his second year and he’s in the Leadership Program this year. He’s gone from July 1st to the 14th.

Before I go, here’s the Stupidity of the Day Award. Laura Ingalls WIlder, who wrote the Little House on the Prairie books and other literary masterpieces,  is having her name stripped from an award (that she already received) as someone now says she treated Native Americans in a racist way in her books. God help us, why don’t you liberals just erase all American history! Then you can start on the rest of the World. What in the hell is your problem? Mark my words, just like in some futuristic movie, someday all books will be either rewritten or destroyed as someone will come up with some reason why they are not politically correct. That’s why it’s called history! Idiotic, just idiotic.

Looks like it’ll be in the 90’s up here today and during the week. That means it’ll be really hot in the city. Lori has clinic today. Hope she makes the game tonight. Time to go, have a good day, GB.

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