Last week of June

Soon it will be July and then, well you know, Fall is just around the corner. Hard to believe.

Last night at 6:15 the boys made it home from Gunnison. Apparently there was a bad motorcycle crash and they were stopped for an hour waiting for an ambulance and helicopter to fly out the injured. They had a good trip and took 3rd in the tournament which was great! Today they have practice and then their last game at 6 tomorrow night. Then the school portion of basketball is over until October. Of course they have another league that starts back up in July.

Ty needs a physical today as he goes to camp for 2 weeks next Sunday. Lori leaves for Sacramento next Saturday and Harley goes into the doctors to get spayed next Monday. She’ll stay 3 nights as she can’t jump as she’d tear her stitches out. Mojo will go stay with her as Lori and I will be in Denver July 3rd and 4th, weather permitting.

Lori and I managed to clean up around here pretty well yesterday. I tackled the garage while she handled the basement (Jag’s room) and laundry room. She also made it in to Ty’s room too.

That’s it, have a great week, be well, GB.

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