2 in a row

That’s right, we went to the movies again last night! This time to see Oceans 8 which is sort of a chick flick but I think better than Jurassic World. 2 in a row! Ali commented the last time they went to a movie was Forrest Gump!

The boys have a game at 10:30 and then at 1 and then should be home by 5. Seems like they’re having fun. Harley misses them bad.

Trying to stay away from politics but what the fuck is going on? First a group of “staged” protesters camp outside a Cabinet Members house and heckle her after heckling her in a restaurant and now the White House Spokesman and family are kicked out of a suburban Virginia restaurant! Most of this is very well choreographed as how would a small group of protesters find out the home address of a Cabinet Member of the U.S. Government? Obviously they had some help here. What everyone seems to forget is Obama actually DID put kids in cages while Trump has not, that is a fact! As far as the Virginia restaurant, I don’t care whether you’re a democrat or republican, what kind of person are you that kicks a family, a family with kids,  out of a restaurant over your political beliefs? Is that what we’ve really come to these days? If so, let’s just split up the Country now. Hillary won most of the West and East Coast States while republicans won the rest. So, give the dems the left and right coasts and give the rest of the people the rest, problem solved. Hell, we’ll even throw in Illinois. All those places have the highest unemployment, the highest taxes, the highest crime rates, are losing people in droves who are trying to move away and more. What a coincidence that they’re all democratic strongholds run by democrats. Then all you haters, Democrats, yes I said Democrats( the Democrats of today are far removed from the Democratic Party of JFK ) as if you honestly think back you never saw this kind of vitriol from Republicans when Obama was in office even though we all despised him just as much as some despise Trump, can go live and play in your make believe land where everything is free, there are no borders and no guns. Let’s see how that works out for you when some illegal who has been deported 5 times attacks and harms or kills someone in your family. I’m sure any Democrat won’t believe this but if so, then you too are not being honest. Sorry for the rant but it’s just so sad where our Country is headed. Tom yesterday when we were talking said how he fears it’s too late for the Country and sadly I pretty much agree with him. What’s next, another civil war? Hold on and get ready.

Tom just texted where’s the blog so I’ll stop now and head to the gym. I was late because I was so pissed off and had to rewrite this several times to tone it down. That’s right, this is the toned down version, ha. God Bless you and our Country and please, just take a deep breath and let’s get back to some civility.

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  1. Blondie says:

    I need to clarify that Forest Gump was the last movie Tom and I saw together…I have been to many movies with the boys and friends through the years! Lol….Tom says he has been to some Disney movies with the boys and me, but I don’t remember!

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