Lots of basketball

Last night we had our final games until I think November, unless they have some in July in their other league. Both boys played well but we lost as our coach played everyone to get the whole team playing time rather than playing to win. When Jag and the other big guys (starters) were in, we were in the game but as soon as he put in a bunch of younger players, we quickly fell behind. At one point it was 31 to 30 and then all of a sudden 50 to 30! Anyhow it’s all about playing time as these games are all meaningless. Jag stayed and played a few extra games and coach dropped him off around 8:45. Ty came home earlier with me as Sonny was headed over to spend the night. Lori missed all the games as she had a deposition at the hospital. She’s not only a doctor but a lawyer too!

Ty and I ran down to Denver yesterday and are back down tomorrow but home today. We’re getting all his stuff together for camp this Sunday. It was hot in Denver, 100 degrees yesterday when we were down there. It was 90 up here but felt a bit cooler with the altitude. Lori’s neck and back is killing her but she’s off to the gym this morning and hopefully our trainer can stretch it out or something.

No politics today, I’m just thankful election day was yesterday as now all the ads will stop. I don’t understand why people don’t see that the Country is in about the best shape it’s been in years. People that hate Trump are so blinded by their hatred that they can’t see what’s happening all around them. Say what you want about the guy (I hate his tweets also) but the economy is booming, taxes are lower, useless regulations are being thrown out and our Country is stronger, all facts. Whoops, I said no politics today, gotta go, GB.

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