Another work day

It’s Saturday but that doesn’t mean much in the grand scheme of things as it’s just another work day. In about 2 hours Lori and I are off to Denver where she’ll get her hair done while I help Tom at Moms. I stopped by yesterday to look through some more papers and Tom was there too working away. There is still a ton of stuff even after Tom bagged up all of Moms clothes. I have a lot to look through and we need some sort of antique person to come out. Lori will drop me off and then come back in the afternoon after her hair is done.

Yesterday I was down and up in what seemed like a quick trip, however I left around 7:30 and was home around 4! I made all my appointments and stopped at the grocery store. Jag was home and Ty was in town for the GoPro Games. Jag was tired from basketball and actually fell asleep around dinner time. He woke up later and we made him some dinner. I had a dream about Mom last night when she was a little girl, I still miss her a bunch and think about her every single day. It’s funny but I think about her in terms of a year ago, meaning what was she doing one year ago today and how was she doing. Oh well, you do what you have to do, that’s what she always said.

We’re headed to the gym for a quick 45 minute workout before heading down the hill so time to get going. Next week is Aspen Food and Wine and basketball camp for the boys on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday before we leave. Maybe tomorrow we’ll get to sleep in, we shall see. Have a fun day and God Bless.

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