Off to Aspen

This morning after working out, I’m off to Aspen to drop wine for the Kickoff Party this coming Thursday. I could go Tuesday but I’d rather go on a Sunday as there’s little to no traffic.

Yesterday we made it to Denver by 10:30. I dropped Lori at the salon and headed back to Mom’s to meet Tom. He has really been working hard the past few weeks. We’re making progress but it’s a big project as there are so many papers to look through. I did find some great old photos and books on both sides of the family that lay out the genealogy of the family. It’s really interesting. Someday after I get settled or retire I’ll go through all this stuff and make books or dvd’s for everyone. There are tons of clothes and it just dawned on us that they’d be perfect for our friends in Aspen! The ladies we know are the same size as Mom and wear the same style clothes. I’ll pick them up tomorrow in Denver and donate them to the rich and famous, ha. Whatever they don’t want they can give to the women’s shelter in Glenwood.

Ty was again in town at the GoPro Games. Jag stayed home with Harley. Mojo peed last night so I already mopped the floor with vinegar and water.

Check out these pictures, can you guess who they are?  For those of you that don’t know, the first one is my Great Grandma holding Mom in 1933 and the second one is Shelly! Great photos! Have a great day and God Bless.

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