Busy busy

Today the boys have basketball for an hour in the morning and I’m off to Denver. I need to hit the distributor, the lawyer, then I have a meeting in Highlands and another in Longmont, then it’s off to Mom’s. Not sure how much cleaning I’ll get done today, (Tom’s been doing a lot) but tomorrow I should be there all day.

We have the GoPro Games up here. They started yesterday and go through the weekend. The boys will hit the town with 70,000 other people which are expected to be here. I had a hard workout at 5:30 last night which was nice. I’m not sore yet but should be by tomorrow.

I have to print out some documents on the computer, take a shower, pack up some samples, get both boys moving and be out the door in 37 minutes so I’d better get moving. Weather is perfect as usual. Have a good weekend, take care, be safe and do something fun!

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