Another day

Well we wake up in the morning to another day, the sun is shining, the dogs are frisky and the boys are sleeping. This weekend I’m going to try to clean out the last few things from Mom’s house and at least get things in the garage. Tom has been working I think most of the week boxing up clothes and stuff. Lori is getting her hair done so she’ll drop me Saturday morning and then come back when she’s done. Tomorrow I have a few early am appointments but should be there sometime around noon or so. Maybe I’ll get over mid morning between appointments as James is supposed to show up to help.

Today Ty has a dentist appointment and Jag a workout appointment. I have a call this morning with Las Vegas and then will be doing some computer work between running kids around. Lori had a long day even though she was supposed to have a half day off. Today will be more of the same as it’s clinic.

That’s about it, lots more going on behind the scenes. I did talk with Robin yesterday and she and Robert are doing well. Good to hear. I guess it’s hot down there, like 110! We’ll stick with our 80 up here which is just fine with us. God Bless.

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