Crystal clean

Since we had the carpet cleaners here and since Mojo had an accident on the carpet AND on the wood floors, I decided to do an industrial clean of the house. First up I was off to Home Depot for some supplies and then I picked up Ty at Sonny’s. Once home, I proceeded to move all the furniture before vacuuming and then brought out my new mop and bucket with some vinegar and water and scrubbed the hardwoods thoroughly. Of course after washing the floors with this mixture, you then have to go over it about 3 or 4 times with fresh white cloths to dry it. Once we were in the drying mode, I tackled the kitchen. Before cleaning I had to first clean off the counters so I could start to clean! Then it was time to scrub down the granite countertops in much the same fashion as the floors. After that came the stove and then lots of dusting and picking up clutter, all while doing laundry and waiting for the carpet cleaners. By a little after 2, I was done. I stood back and surveyed my work proudly as the house, or at least the main floor, hadn’t been this clean since the place was built.

A few hours later we were off to basketball. We’re not sure our coach knows what he’s doing but it is what it is. Jag accidently left his shoes at the game and by the time we drove back to get them, the gym was all locked up. Hope no one took them but sadly they’re probably gone. The boys are supposed to have basketball this morning but I’m not fighting to wake them so if they get up, they get up, if not, they won’t go. Harley needs her nails cut badly so we’ll need to get that done today. It’s about 6:30 now so time to get moving. Have a great day, be safe and once again, may God watch over you and bless you.

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