What a mess

Lori and I woke up to diarrhea on the stairs from Mojo around 6 in the morning. The next 45 minutes were spent trying to clean up the mess. At 7 am I called Steam Master who know us well. We think Mojo had an upset stomach due to a rawhide stick that he and Harley had been eating for a few days. Oh well, if that’s the worst thing that happens today, we’ll be alright.

Ty spent the night with Jack and Sonny at Sonny’s. Lori, Jag, Andrea (our friend from Denver and Jack’s mom) went to sushi at Matsu. Then Andrea came over to hang out with Lori for a while. Steam Master just called and will be here right after lunch. Julie knows me well, she asked how’s it going and I replied, “same old shit, literally”, ha. Mojo is getting old as I think he’s 12 or maybe 13 now.

Jag had a good basketball practice and they have a game tonight at 6 against Battle Mountain which is a 4 A school. He doesn’t care though, he just wants to play. I have a few calls today and a bunch of computer work. Lori has clinic so she’s getting ready for work. It was 82 up here which is about perfect, they say 93 in Denver which is too hot for us. That’s it kids, see you tomorrow, GB.

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