Memorial Day

Today is a day about honoring all those who serve, now and in the past. I remember when I was a kid and you’d see anyone in uniform. You treated them with a degree of respect reserved only for them. Nowadays though it seems that we sometimes dismiss their sacrifice and even look down on them. This of course almost always comes from the younger generations that have no idea what freedom means. They somehow think it’s an entitlement. I’m afraid one day there’s going to be a serious reset in this Country and then these same people will be begging for help by the very people they now ignore. That’s usually the way things work. You don’t care about something or someone until you need help. In any case I remember when I was a kid it seemed that every dad, uncle, or grandparent had served in some sort of fashion, so Happy Memorial Day.

Yesterday Lori and I made it through 80-90% of Jag’s room. We need to put the finishing touches on it today. Both boys went to the lake and went paddleboarding and fishing for a few hours. It was in the mid 80’s up here and really nice. I think there are storms down in Denver today but it’ll be nice up here. We’ll get after Ty’s room sometime today too.

We’re making good progress around here, it’s a marathon not a sprint. Hard to believe it’ll be June by the end of the week. We’re closing on our lot tomorrow so we’re all in on building our dream home. More to come on that soon.

Both dogs are awake and both boys are asleep. That seems to be the new trend around here these days. Time to go, have a great day and remember what you’re celebrating, GB.


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