Back at it

Back on the Program. That means work, working out, and eating right. Ty has school today and tomorrow and then he’s all done.

Yesterday around 12:30 we headed to Basalt for lunch and then zipped up to Aspen to pick up a sweater of Ty’s that’s been sitting there for months. We love Aspen and it’s especially nice when there aren’t many people in town. We left around 4 and were home by 5:30.

Today we close on our lot. We’ve been planning this out for years and are excited to get going. It’ll take 8 months or so to finish the project but when you think about it, 8 months is nothing. The biggest decision is are we ready to say we’re staying in Eagle for years to come. We decided even though we’d love to be somewhere warm, there’s not many other places than Colorado we’d like to “live”. So here we’ll be and then if we want to go somewhere warm, we’ll travel. California is too messed up, (too many reasons not to live there to even list), Hawaii is too far, plus it looks like it’s going to blow up, ha, the East Coast has too many people, and on and on. We’re lucky to live where we live so we decided let’s go for it. Eagle is about the same elevation as Denver so we’ll get an extra two months of summer and less of winter than here in Vail. We’ll keep you posted.

Time to get moving, hope everyone is well, have a great day and week, and God Bless.

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