We made it down to Denver, hit the bank, Bass Pro Shops and then the mall before heading over for lunch on the rooftop at Del Frisco’s. We had a nice lunch and then headed up the hill and still ran into some Memorial Day traffic at 3 in the afternoon. The boys basically dismantled their rooms which we guess is a start. When they clean, they tend to take ALL their clothes, clean and dirty, and throw them in the dirty clothes hamper. They don’t discriminate at all. Today after we go to the gym, we’re stopping to get Jag his fishing license and then sending the boys off to the river with their poles while we clean their rooms.

It looks like a warm one up here today, like in the mid 80’s. Harley spilled her food in the garage which I’ll need to clean today. Yesterday when I made it home I had to clean the garage too as Jag rode his bike into Vail to get a haircut at the 4 Seasons and moved a few things around (like everything) to get his bike out. Later in the day he went to shoot some hoops in town while we made dinner. I think today we’re having bbq chicken and beef ribs as tomorrow doesn’t seem to be as nice of a day.

That’s it, my knee is doing better, thank God. Hope everyone has some fun plans today, take care and GB.

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