Happy Memorial Day Weekend

3 days off, whoo hoo! Jag and for all practical purposes, Ty too, are both out of school. Hard to believe we have a freshman and junior in high school.

Today Lori and I are headed to Denver for lunch with Jeff and Tina. We need to make a few other stops so we’re getting together with them while in town. They’re going to Aspen with us for Food and Wine so we’ll plan that out, mostly what the girls will wear, ha.

My knee, after and MRI, looks to be ok. Ibuprofen and ice are the directions. I did workout with our trainer yesterday and even though we focused on core and arms, my knee was ok. Thank God I don’t need surgery. Our trainer told me I wouldn’t be able to shampoo my hair this morning as my arms would be too sore. I do feel them but so far I’m ok. He does have this new machine from Sweden that works off of your own force by moving some sort of flywheel. It’s hard to explain but it’s super cool. I’d love to have one at home but it’s like $3400! Anyhow it works your muscles in both directions which is what you need to effectively build muscle. Oh well, I know no one cares but it’s interesting to me and after all, this blog is to document our lives, ha.

Ty had his reenactment yesterday which they made a movie or documentary out of which we will hopefully see next week. Jag had Field Day and was done by noon and Lori cut out around 4pm. The boys are supposed to start their deep cleaning today on their rooms while we’re gone. We’re not sure what they’ll get done as we can easily see them watch tv and play basketball all day instead of working but we’re hoping for the best. One way or another, we have to get their rooms purged. At least Jag cleaned out his 50 pound backpack of all his school stuff which is a start

Time to get moving so have a great weekend. Time to bbq! GB

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