Spring Break, for Jag

Jag wrapped up a week of tests and I picked him up at 2:10 yesterday. He had a free period from 2:10 to 3 so no need to hang out. He now has 9 days off! Ty stayed late at school for track and was due to run the 800 today and the 400 Relay but with the dusting of snow we received last night, I think the meet is postponed.

Lori and I and Jag and maybe Ty are headed to Big D today (Denver, not Dallas) for Lori to get her hair colored. We’ll run a few errands while she’s doing her thing. I worked out hard yesterday and am back down to 208 lbs which is close to my fighting weight of 205. It’s funny as it’s all about diet and not working out to lose weight. Working out is just for balance and strength but has little to do with trying to lose weight.

Mojo is doing well and is sleeping by Lori’s feet after eating his breakfast. We’re still working on our real estate deal as there’s lots to do like surveys and soil reports and more.

On the World stage, there were airstrikes against Syria in the middle of the night. Lots going on but countries are no longer pushing us around as they did in the past. In some way, Trump’s unpredictability has some rethinking how they treat us. China just lowered tariffs on U.S. car imports which no one thought they would do. They were charging us 25% and only getting charged 2% for sending cars to us! Say what you will but Trump’s bluster now has us and the automotive industry on an even playing field. Changing long established policies between countries isn’t easy, even if they are wrong, so hold on to your hats, ha.

That’s about it, hopefully the snow is about over for the year. Have a great weekend and we’ll see you all tomorrow! God Bless.

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