Friday, thank God

Ok, the week is almost over, thank God! I’m not going down to Denver today as I’ve been down every day this week and we’re going down tomorrow. Tom and Ali have a lunch then but I have some errands to do anyhow. Slow and steady is our mantra, and things are getting there. We still have things like Waterford Crystal glasses that have no home. I’m going to try to find a good home for them. I’m excited for Shelly to someday go through theĀ  four or five large boxes we put together for her as there’s tons of pictures of her and Tasha when she was little. I also put in a lot of the grandma and grandpa’s pictures as well as a bunch of Dad when he was young and momento’s from her childhood.

Here’s some big news, we’ve settled on a lot to buy where we hope to build our dream house. You might not know it but we bought a lot 2 or 3 years ago and then sold it last year as we had someone build next to us that obstructed our view and the timing wasn’t right. Thankfully we made money on it. I think we have it figured out this time, ha. It’s actually the same as just buying an existing house finance wise but with a whole lot more work! More to come here too but if all goes well we’ll be in by maybe September, but October for sure. It’s in Eagle Ranch which sits high above Eagle looking at the Sawatch Range. Eagle is also like 1500 feet lower than Vail in elevation meaning less snow and warmer. Over the past 5 years, we’ve literally been through every single house for sale in Eagle Ranch and just couldn’t find anything that was a good fit for us. We’ll keep you posted.

There’s a little snow here but I guess the brunt of the storm is in eastern Colorado. That’s good news as like I said earlier, we’re in Denver tomorrow. Time to get moving so I can get Jag to basketball. Have a great weekend and God Bless.

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