New clothes!

Yesterday Ty’s track meet was cancelled due to the weather so he decided to stay home while we headed down to Denver. He met up with his buddy Damon who ended up spending the night. While Lori was getting her hair done, which didn’t turn out well, we ran to Boulder to drop a sample bottle of wine. Next up was the mall where Jag got 4 new pair of pants and 3 shirts for what one pair of pants would have cost at Nordstrom! We also hit the basketball shoe store though and that was a different story as both boys needed shoes for Eagles which is the team in the valley they start with in the next week. When Lori made it home and saw her hair in the mirror she was not happy! Apparently there’s some orange or copper colored strands that are supposed to be blonde! Now I don’t see them but then again I don’t pay much attention to that stuff.

It’s snowing lightly but you can see blue sky through the light flakes coming down. This time tomorrow I’ll be on a plane to Chicago as my flight leaves at 6:57. That means I’ll be getting up around 3 am to drive down to the airport. I have a quick 90 minute meeting and should be back in Denver by 5 pm.

Today I think both boys are going to play some b ball while Lori and I clean around here. I have to get the garage cleaned out, again, ugh. Jag’s off all week and we’re planning on getting a lot done. Time to get moving so we can get to the gym. Hope all’s well and that everyone is having a great weekend. We have one more round of snow coming next weekend which is pretty much the normal pattern in the mountains in April. It can snow as late as June but it should be winding down soon. It’ll be in the high 70’s in Denver tomorrow. Have a good day, GB.

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