Mom’s home!

Yea! Mom’s home! I picked up Lori around 2:30 yesterday afternoon and we were home 2 hours later. Earlier in the day I was back at Moms house cleaning with Tommy and James. You wouldn’t believe the dust and dirt and water damage in the basement. I did find a bunch of boxes marked “Robins Keepsakes”. We texted her numerous times over the weekend to see if she wanted them but no response. Lots of it was from grade school and junior high. I set it aside for one more day in case her phone was broke. Robi, if you want any of the stuff, you need to call me today as there’s a bunch and I’m sure you don’t want it all. She doesn’t have internet at home so I thought I’d wait until this morning.

Some of the stuff we found was old toys from Mom’s doll house that were made of steel and even plugged in! I think the actual doll house is in the attic. Not sure what we’ll do with this stuff, (some was water damaged from the flood) but some must be valuable. Maybe Tom will just set it in his basement with the other antiques he has. Other stuff included a dozen metal popcorn cans with old blankets that just had to be thrown out. We found a bunch of fun old pictures and old lace doilies and tablecloths. Other than that there was the odd old tin or old whisky bottle or antique thingy, but most of what we found was junk. We still have a lot to do but made good progress this weekend.

Tomorrow I’m off to Las Vegas for a night and Lori will be on kid duty. There’s so much driving around associated with the boys these days. This morning Jag wants to go to school early as he’s making up some stuff and Ty will go a bit after that. I have a conference call at 9 and then lots of computer work to do plus need to pick up 12 boxes of wine from Fed Ex.

It’s nice out and about 50 degrees during the day. We might get some more snow but winter is pretty much over. Now comes the mud season which is between the first of April and Memorial Day when no one is here and it’s basically muddy as the snow melts. Hard to believe we’re almost a third of the way through the year. Time to run, hope all’s well, God Bless.

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