Off to Las Vegas

5 am and Lori and I are having coffee. Today Jag leaves at 2:45 for Denver for three volleyball games. My flight is like 11:20 or so to Las Vegas. I fly back at 8:45 tomorrow morning but if my meeting goes quick enough, maybe I can grab the 4:15 this afternoon. I doubt I’ll make it but you never know!

Yesterday was a big day in that I took a large load down to the storage unit from the garage. On the way back I had to pick up 12 boxes of wine from the Fed Ex office inside Walmart. I had an old deer mount in the back of the truck that hung in our house for years as we all grew up. Sadly the years have taken their toll and it’s pretty matted and old. I didn’t have enough room in the truck to load all the wine with the deer head in there so I took it out and set it in a shopping cart while I made 3 trips in and out of Walmart to get the wine. I didn’t know if anyone would take it but if they did, that would be ok as he was headed for the dump anyhow. To my surprise, when I came out with the first load there were about a dozen people taking pictures of him. I laughed it off, threw 4 boxes in the back of the truck and went back for more. On my next trip out there must have been 20 people taking pictures, and on my last load, a bunch more! So I loaded all the wine and took the deer out of his shopping cart and put him on top of the wine in the back of the truck. I texted Lori who showed a few people and by now our deer is all over Facebook! He’s now outside our front door guarding the entrance to the house, too funny. I think I’ll let him hang out for a while or maybe take him to a few other places for some selfies!

Ty came home about an hour early from school and Jag had volleyball until 6:30. I picked Lori up around 5:30 so I was driving for a lot of the day. Guess I’ll get moving and pack a bag in case I end up spending the night. Our friends will gladly take me to dinner but if I can get done early enough, I’ll grab the afternoon flight. Have a great day, GB

p.s. it’s 80 degrees in Vegas!

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