I want my hour back!

Last night Daylight Savings time started and you wouldn’t think it’s a big deal but losing an hour of sleep, really is. Normally we get up at 5 or 5:30 so it shouldn’t be but I’m more tired this morning than usual. I think it’s because we ended up going to bed around midnight. Oh well, time to move on.

Yesterday Jag and I made it down to Mom’s house around 11. There was a semi off the road that slowed us down by Copper. Once there, Tom and I and Jag and James went through most of the cupboards and cabinets in the kitchen and living room. The dust under the window seat along the living room wall was unbelievable. It was like a movie where you were opening a cabinet that hadn’t been touched in 50 years! 3 hours later is didn’t look like we made a lot of progress but in reality, we did. I’ll head out in an hour or so and get a few more hours in today. We found some fun things like a Christmas book dated 1967 where Mom had written “Tom” and the date inside. I also found a book about Mom’s that Robin had inscribed and gave to Mom on her 70th birthday and more stuff like that. If we can get through all the cabinets and closets, then things will start to go much faster. It’s the little things we have to look through that take time. Maybe we’ll hit the basement today, now that’s a big job! Who knows what we’ll find today!

Around 2 Jag and I headed to Cherry Creek to get him some new clothes. 90 minutes later we walked out with a bunch of bags in hand that had a bunch of new shirts, pants and a hoodie in it for him. We forgot one shirt at Nordstrom and Neimans so I’ll stop by there today to pick them up on the way to get Lori. Our guy forgot to put them in our bag. Jag and I then picked up some food to go from the Cherry Creek Grill and headed up the hill.

Meanwhile Ty was at the big snowboard event. He was lobbying hard to spend the night at Sonny’s but I wouldn’t let him as he’s always wiped out for at least two days as they stay up all night. I did let him go to the free concert outside in town with the Marley Brothers (Ziggy and somebody) but he called me around 7:30 saying he couldn’t handle all the weed smell and could I come get him. So Jag and I jumped in the car and headed to town and we were all home a bit after 8. We then made a pizza and the boys watched a movie. That’s about it, time to get moving and get on the road. Lori lands around 2 this afternoon and had a good time at her Mom’s I guess. We should be home around 4 this afternoon. The boys are sleeping in and will hopefully clean up the house while I’m gone. Have a great day and God Bless. If we find anything else fun, we’re keeping it separate and will let you know.

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