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Yesterday Tom and I mostly packed up a bunch of books. I found 4 or 5 on Indians and North Park I took and a few others to donate to the school but most were nothing but novels. There were a bunch of Dad’s old law books that Tommy suggested we give to the lawyers that are helping us out. I told Tom not to call them and tell them though, as every call we make to those guys, we get charged at like $600 an hour! We did find some birth records of Robins across from the washing machine along with one of mine. These were just things like how much did I weigh at 6 months, when I first sat up , etc. Also of note was a bible or book that went back into the 1800’s on Dad’s side and a military history of Uncle CB’s showing generations of Fugate’s including who they were and where they served. Tom suggested we send the bible to Tasha which we probably will and I might take a stab at the military history or maybe we’ll just send both. I found a few things of Mom’s like her Prayer Book from her confirmation and stuff thrown in amongst a bunch of books on birds and various novels. One set of bird books I gave to Dad in 1976 (it was written inside) as he really liked birds. It’s still surreal just being in the house going through stuff. Today at 10 we have James showing up to start hauling crap to the dump or Goodwill. We hate to get rid of the stuff but neither of us have any room to put all this stuff. I smashed my thumb somehow as it’s a little swollen, what fun. I still brought home 3 small boxes of kitchen stuff, (old ladels, funnels, tools, etc.) and some cloth napkins.

Around 1 yesterday Jag went over to the mountain to watch part of the Open and then I picked him up and took him back to school where he was until 6:45 when volleyball was over. I picked Ty up at 4 and then he and I did some work around the house. This was mostly me working and Ty playing.

It looks cloudy outside but no snow. I guess it’s really dry in Denver and other parts of the State and winter is almost over which means it’ll be a bad fire season. Good news is the mosquitos won’t be so bad though. Time to go as it’s 7:30 and we slept in. Don’t forget to turn your clocks ahead an hour tonight before you go to bed. Today is National Unplugged Day. As you can see, I’m not doing too well. Lori and Dixie are doing fine and Annette is coming up today and spending the night. Sounds like a slumber party! Have a great day and God Bless.

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