Yea! Friday!

We made it to DIA on time for Lori to catch her flight. I talked with her around 9:30 pm just before we were going to bed here. She made it to the grocery store and then she and Dixie went out to dinner. Glad she’s getting to see her Mom.

Meanwhile the boys and I had La Bottega for dinner. I did stop and get them some “guy” food, like pizza’s, on my way back up from Denver. Today I’m back down in the city with Tom and James cleaning out the basement. James will take a bunch of stuff to the dump after we go through it one more time. We’ll donate things like clothes or dishes that can be of use to someone.

Volleyball was fun for Jag! I caught the last 15 minutes of practice and they all were having a blast. Today Jag has class until mid-morning and then will go to the U.S. Open at the mountain to watch the snowboarders. Ty has school all day but wants to go tomorrow. I have a dozen boxes of wine arriving via Fed Ex today that I’ll need to go pick up when I get back up.

As I said yesterday, I think we’re going to skip Hawaii in June. I’m also changing my Italy trip from the 29th of this month to the 20th of next month. I’ll only be gone 5 days so I’m back for the last four days of Spring Break. I was supposed to be gone over Easter but am sending someone else in my place. We’re deciding where to go once school is out, maybe Moab Utah!

Time to get the boys moving. Hope everyone has a great day and weekend. Don’t forget to turn your clocks ahead an hour this Saturday night! GB

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