Yesterday Ty’s school went into lockdown as apparently a student brought what turned out to be a toy gun to school. Of course no one knew it was a “toy” at first so they all followed procedure. Police came in force, teachers were freaking out and the kids all huddled in the corners of their classrooms with the lights off and doors locked, out of sight from outside the room. Ty said he wasn’t really scared as they practice this drill often. He did say of course different things were going through his head but he seems ok. The student was “detained” and we’re not sure if he or she is expelled but I would think so. I guess they were in lockdown mode for about 20 or 30 minutes before the school was cleared and everyone was given the ok. This is a reminder that danger can be anywhere and you need to be aware and prepared. Thank God it was a toy gun.

Lori leaves this morning for California so we’ll be dropping the boys early and then heading to the airport in Denver to drop her for her flight. Then I have about 3 stops in town before heading up the hill to get the boys. Mojo will be hanging out alone for the day and I’d like to take him but it just won’t work out today.

Jag has his first volleyball practice today after school and Ty is staying until 5 getting caught up on a science project so I’ll grab them both around dinner time. The trash guy must wonder what’s up as we had about a dozen bags and boxes out yesterday for him. Tomorrow Tom and I are going to try to box up some more nick knacks laying around Mom’s house that no one wanted. I have a sleeve (25) of wine boxes I’m taking down as cardboard boxes are so expensive. I get a deal when I buy them through our Company as I buy them wholesale, but they’re still expensive for what they are. He and I decided we need to get busy on the house so we’re ready to go once the lawyers give the go ahead to list it. We have lots and lots of work to do. The basement alone is a huge project, ugh.

We have 50 Olympians from all over the World in town for the Burton U.S. Open which is a huge snowboard event. Both boys will go watch some this weekend. Jag gets to go tomorrow and Ty will go on Saturday. It’s an annual event and is a big deal for Vail. Looks like they’ll have great weather too. Guess I’ll run and get the boys moving as it’s 6:05 am right now. Have a great day, hope you all are well, take care, be safe and God Bless.

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